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Welcome to Jerry Greer’s Engineering!

We will be closed Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27 observing Thanksgiving.


   We would like to take time to share how much we appreciate your trust in us when you choose us for repairs and restoration on these Antique Indian Relic’s. Please check out what we have, “In the Works” so you may see what is coming in the next couple weeks. (Photos coming soon) Our own South Dakota version of the old North Dakota highway signs. Numbered from 36 to 42 and 46 to 53. Representing the years of motorcycles we restore. The signs are 18 in. sq. and made of aluminum material. Suggested retail $49.00. Also coming soon, Coffee Mugs with your favorite Vintage Indian Motorcycle on them. Chose from 1936 Chief, 1938 Chief(Black wheels) 1938 Chief(Chrome wheels) 1940 Chief, 1940 Sport Scout, 1941 Sport Scout 1948 Chief, and 1948 Chief ( two tone). Then don’t miss out on our new line of Goatskin Gloves! Goatskin is a fairly light weight leather, more durable than deerskin, and allows for better feel through the leather. Goatskin is also washable, and is a good choice as it will dry much faster than deer or elk. I personally find goatskin to be warmer than deerskin and many others will agree. Our gloves are made from old vintage 1940 patterns that are more detailed in the fit. Our gloves are cut individually, all pieces from the same piece of leather, and sewn on older machines built specifically for the manufacture of gloves. The gloves should be snug when first worn, as the leather will stretch to fit your hand. To determine glove size, trace your hand with a pencil and measure circumference of palm. For example, if you get 6 ½ , then you are a true size 7. We also carry red deerskin gloves for women as goatskin does not come in red. For your ordering convenience, these are the sizes and colors W-7 BLACK GLOVES, W-7 BROWN GLOVES, W-7 RED DEERSKIN GLOVES, W-8 BLACK GLOVES, W-8 BROWN GLOVES, W-8 RED DEERSKIN GLOVES, M-8 BLACK GLOVES, M-9 BLACK GLOVES, M-10 BLACK GLOVES, M-8 BLACK GAUNTLET GLOVES, M-9 BLACK GAUNTLET GLOVES, M-10 BLACK GAUNTLET GLOVES.   All of these products are made in the USA.