Parts and accessories for 1936 – 1953 Vintage Indian Motorcycles

Find parts and accessories for Indian motorcycles created between 1936 and 1953

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 Well we had pretty good numbers for the 80th Rally here. Nothing like the 75th but that was to be expected. Our weather has been perfect for riding around the beautiful Black Hills, and no HAIL this year!

 Now we have our other big event of the year, “Kool Deadwood Nites”. All kinds of Vintage cars going by. It’s hard to keep my eyes on the screen in front of me. This event has gotten bigger every year. We have a great selection of shift knobs to choose from, so we always sell a few of those during this event.

 Out in the shop the Guys are busy with restorations and repairs. We are working on keeping a large inventory in stock and doing our best to meet everyone’s wants and needs.

 Until next month, stay safe and keep the shiny side up!

We have 1938 and 1939 Chief frames available now. These are priced at $6500.00. Call or email us with any question’s you may have.

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1941 Spt. Scout

Price: $22,500.00
Matching Engine & frame numbers Please Call Today! Toll Free 1-800-307-9027 or (605) 884-1050

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Indian 741

Price: $26,500.00
Please Call Today! Toll Free 1-800-307-9027 or (605) 884-1050

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