Parts and accessories for 1936 – 1953 Vintage Indian Motorcycles

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Where can I find a top quality, no stress…No auction fee bike?

The answer is always…Jerry Greer's Engineering!

Our attention to detail is second to none! We put ONLY the highest quality parts on our bikes!! We offer you a chance to be involved in your restoration, without the worries of “what am I really getting into? $$$”.

If you choose to purchase during the restoration process, our expert technicians will explain the details as they happen. In most cases, you will receive a complete printed scrapbook detailing your bike's restoration!! We also post updated photos on the web so you and your envious friends can see the progress!

You will have peace of mind knowing our motor builds are guaranteed for one year from date of sale!

Finally, how much is it worth to know that your bike was restored by professionals?!